Adult Coaching

Adult Coaching Program

Short Game Mastery Class, Full Swing Mastery Class, On-Course training, Purposeful Practice sessions

Adult Coaching Program uses the RGX Scoring Method model to help players of all skill levels to lower their scores - Guaranteed! We start out on the course to learn your game and create an individualized improvement plan to accomplish your golfing goals. We then personalize your purposeful practice routine and use this system to accelerate your golfing goal. If its your intent to lowering 10 shots off your average score if you score over 100 or your intent to lower 5 shots off your average score if you score 90 or higher then this program is for you.

The RGX Scoring Method
1. Mastering the Golfing Mindset
2. Understanding and applying the Scoring Game
3. Learning and applying "Purposeful Practice"

As your coach, I will assist you, guide you and support you as you embark on this journey. I will help you set goals, organize your training sessions and provide feedback so your skills transfer to the golf course. This is not about swing mechanical fixes week to week, but rather a program that results in permanent change from the skill building process we use that Dr. Rick Jensen's proven research used by all professionals for developing motor learning.

Over a period of time you will need continues feedback and guidance to transfer ball-control skills from the range to the course, assist in making correct on-course decision and equip you with self-management skills so that you can play your best golf when it counts. Its your decision to experience lowering your scores, improved confidence levels, frustration will disappear and you will play better golf and have more fun in coaching program rather than taking more lessons.

"Lessons" are receiving information while "Coaching" is everything above you have read for approximate 1/2 the fee of lessons, more time with your coach and much more results!



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