Junior Coaching Program (5–7 years)

Our Junior Golf Coaching/Camps are for juniors 5-7 years of age that are looking to be introduced to golf while having fun! We train our juniors using game based learning, we take the "adult language" out of outdated instruction models and infuse our deep understanding of junior golf into captivating game play. Our trove of 100+ learning games are incredibly effective at increasing enthusiasm for the game and encouraging emergent skill development.

There is nothing more exhilarating than the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with experiencing true skill improvement. The combination of meticulously designed game improvement stations augmented by expert coaching is a proven formula for producing long term improvements.

We recognize that each junior athlete brings a unique fingerprint to our training. Our programs strike a balance between presenting our most popular and effective class design with dynamic program features that support the limitations and existing skill set of each junior athlete.

We utilize a holistic approachGolf is an incredible medium for communicating a diverse range of themes. Our values as a coaching collective are to help juniors gain perspective on how the preparation towards becoming physically and mentally prepared for golf will have positive effects on all aspects of their life. This holistic approach is rooted in the following:

  • Lifestyle Integration: Juniors are asked to evaluate and set goals towards integrating fitness into their existing lifestyle habits.

  • Movement: A healthy body is a body that is not afraid to move and is consistently seeking interesting ways of self-exploration and expression.

  • Strength: Our students develop foundational strength through a progression of the strength’s master movements.

  • Nutrition: Nutrition is one of the pillars of our mastery curriculum. Our juniors learn how to manage and plan their fuel sources for a healthy body and mind.

  • Mindfulness: Much of our mental training revolves around learning to become more mindful. A quiet mind is a skill that transcends the sport of golf.

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