3D Functional Golf Fitness and Training

Elevate your conditioning, flexibility, strength, balance, power and endurance training all in our 3D functional circuit training classes. Whether you’re playing golf, soccer, baseball or walking to running - what sets our 3D functional fitness and training apart from other arbitrary workouts is the logic that is threaded throughout each workout and the overriding necessity of including all three planes of motion?

Traditional training focuses on isolated movements in one direction, where 3D functional training focuses on integrated movements organized in a logical sequence in a 3D matrix which is three directions consisting of the sagittal plane (forward and back), frontal plane (side to side) and the transverse plane (rotational right and left) that are task-specific with endless movement variables.

“Perspire to Inspire” Every child is an athlete. Its fun, live longer, and be healthier! It’s You vs. You! Get stronger (stability), with more flexibility (mobility), create longer endurances (cardiovascular), with increase in your balance and power - all in one functional training class!

In addition to Ken's accomplishments as a professional golf instructor, he has been trained as a movement specialist from Nike Golf 360 (NG360) and Chain Reaction 3D both powered by Gray Institute in Applied Functional Science (AFS).

3D functional movements emphasize...

Reaches, lifts, lunges, squats, thrusts, push‐ups, jumps, jops, hops, etc. Also, many different positions are used throughout the techniques / movements – such as upright (bilateral and unilateral stances), kneeling, sitting, prone, supine, and side‐lying – using gravity, ground reaction forces and momentum (a key principle in Applied Functional Science) compresses the body, or loads the body, differently in our functional movements.


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