PGA Junior League Golf (PGA JLG)

PGA Junior League Golf (PGA JLG) is designed to bring a “Little League” atmosphere to the game of golf. With teams of boys and girls, age 13 and under, PGA JLG provides a team vs. team competitions in structured leagues that provides a popular, less stressful scramble format. This has been a great way to get juniors involved in the game to compete and have fun!

Registration now open!

To register: All registration is online.

Program fee includes: 5-team practices in May - June, 5-6 team matches in June - July, opportunity for post season play on an all-star team in August.

NOTE: We will be accepting registration on a first come - first serve basis to fill the team of 10 - 12 juniors in order of the registrations, maximum of 12 participants. After the first 12 attendees we will be taking names for additional team on a waiting list. Please call Ken at 630-655-0555 with your child’s name.


PGA JLG participants receive:

  • Team Jersey
  • Golf Balls
  • PGA JLG Bag Tag
  • 5 team practices/instruction
  • 5-6 regular-season league competitions
  • Instruction from Ken Malnar Golf Professional
  • Awards
  • Opportunity for All-Star Advancement

If your child can drive, chip or putt… we have a role for them in our PGA JLG league. If you need further experience join our Spring Training sessions or our Junior Golf Clinics.

 The PGA JLG is based from baseball team league play. All dates are scheduled; unfortunately there are no makeup dates for missed practices or matches, similar to baseball leagues.

  • Parents

    PGA Junior League Golf (PGA JLG) is designed to better socialize the game of golf for your participants 13 and under. The program features a team-vs-team format in a structured league providing a popular, less stressful, scramble format. PGA JLG is a great way to get the entire family involved in golf, with parents as spectators, team-mothers, and even coaches.

  • Fun, Not Stressful

    In PGA JLG the focus is to have fun playing golf with your friends. PGA JLG teams want to win, but the stress often associated with individual medal play tournaments is eliminated by the low-pressure format and the camaraderie of playing on a team with your friends. Our goal is to foster an enjoyment of the game that will last a lifetime.

  • Team, Not Individual

    There is no individual scoring in PGA JLG. The two-player scramble format allows for all participants to feel connected with the team. Strong play is rewarded, while a poor shot does not lose the hole. Players of all skill levels are welcome and will contribute to the team's success. Every player gets to every competition!

  • “Flags”

    Each team-vs-team competition in PGA JLG consists of four 9-hole matches. Each 9-hole match is broken down into three 3-hole segments that we call "Flags". Actual "Flag" stickers are awarded to participants upon capturing a 3-hole point for their team. The stickers are collected by the players throughout the season, and proudly displayed on their PGA JLG bag-tags as a sign of accomplishment.

  • Alternates

    In PGA JLG matches, coaches have the opportunity to alternate players at the beginning of each new "Flag". Each player is guaranteed to play at least one "Flag" in each competition. Alternates allow coaches to create pairs that maximize the team's chance for success, while still preserving the most enjoyable overall experience for each player.

  • Uniforms with Numbers

    One of PGA JLG's most popular innovations is our numbered team jerseys. Introduced as part of the uniform for the inaugural JLG World Series in 2011, numbered jerseys will be supplied to all players and teams in 2014. Kids are accustomed to wearing numbered uniforms in other youth sports, so why not golf!!! This helps build a sense of identity for each participant on their PGA JLG team.

  • Advancement

    After the regular-season City Champions are crowned, All-Star Teams are formed to compete in the advancement phase of PGA JLG. Advancement will take place through Regional competitions which will produce Regional Champions. These Regional Champions will compete in the PGA JLG Championship.

  • Parent Involvement

    Similar to other youth recreational sports, PGA JLG encourages and relies on parental involvement. In addition to making sure participants get to matches and practices, parents can play an important role in the success of their team:

    • Team captain/assistant
    • Coach
    • Team-mother
    • Match monitor/scorer
    • Player recruitment

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